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nyc how to recycle sign
  • nyc recycle sign
  • 27-2021 Receptacles for waste matter.
  • hpd nyc recycle sign
  • nyc how to recycle sign
  • nyc how to recycle sign
  • 27-2021 Receptacles for waste matter
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NYC required owner and tenant to follow electronic and appliances disposal rules. The advantage of getting our NYC Electronic recycle and appliances frame is that you can at any point of time change the flyers. NYC department of sanitation provide to owners free updated flyer at the department of sanitation web site upon request 


NYC code 27-2021 below:

§ 27-2021 Receptacles for waste matter.
   a.   The owner or occupant in control of a dwelling shall provide and maintain metal cans, or other receptacles jointly approved as to specifications by the department, the department of sanitation and the department of health and mental hygiene, for the exclusive use of each building, which shall be of sufficient size and number to contain the wastes accumulated in such building during a period of seventy-two hours. No receptacle shall be filled to a height so as to prevent the effective closure thereof and no receptacle shall weigh more than one hundred pounds when filled. The receptacles shall be so constructed as to hold their contents without leakage. Metal cans shall be provided with tight-fitting covers and other receptacles shall be effectively closed. When requested by the department of sanitation, the owner or occupant in control shall separate and place in separate receptacles, ashes, organic and inorganic wastes. Nothing contained in this subdivision shall prevent the department, the department of sanitation and the department of health and mental hygiene from jointly approving as to specifications other systems for the disposal of waste utilizing containers of larger size and different construction as may be appropriate for such systems.
   b.   Metal cans shall be kept within the dwelling or as required by the department until the time for removal of their contents when they shall be placed in front of the dwelling. When inside storage is required, receptacles of other materials shall be kept in a metal can or a ratproof and fireproof room until the time of their removal when they shall be removed from the metal can and be neatly stacked in front of the dwelling. After the contents have been removed by the department of sanitation, any receptacles remaining shall be returned promptly to their place of storage. Metal cans shall be kept covered at all times and shall be disinfected regularly and maintained in a sanitary condition. Yard sweepings, hedge cuttings, grass, leaves, earth, stone, or bricks shall not be mixed with household wastes.
   c.   Newspapers, wrapping paper, or other inorganic wastes which are likely to be blown or scattered about the streets shall be securely bundled, tied or packed before being placed for collection. Such material shall be kept and placed for collection in the same manner as the receptacles.

DISCLAIMER These codes may not be the most recent version. The State / federal or other regulation department may have more current or accurate information. We make no warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained on this site or the information linked to on the state site. Please check official sources.

The requirements for sign content are determined by intended use and by applicable regulation. The BUYER is responsible for determining the appropriate content for a sign or package of signs.  WE make no warranty or representation of suitability of a sign for any specific application. IT IS THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THE SIGNS THE CUSTOMER ORDERS ARE IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL STATE, FEDERAL, LOCAL, AND MUNICIPAL LAWS. Please review terms and conditions prior to purchase. 

For more information about what is required, see the laws that are referenced and the rules applicable to your city and state. This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice, professional advice or a statement of law. You may wish to consult with an attorney.


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