HPD NYC required signs gallery list.

The Housing Maintenance Code (contained in the NYC Administrative Code), Multiple Dwelling Law, and the Rules of the City of New York require residential building owner to post the below is a galary signage for the building. Some, documents to be filed with New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), and notices to be provided by property owners to their tenants. Below is an required signs list.

For more information about what is required, see the laws that are referenced and the Rules of the City of New York. This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice or as a statement of the law. You may wish to consult with an attorney.


  1. Post certificate of inspection visits in frame-The owner should provide a frame that is properly able to accommodate a 6" x 9" inspection visit card. The frame should be posted 48-62 inches above the floor. If a mailbox exists, the frame should be posted at or near the mailbox. If there is no mailbox in the vestibule, the owner should select a suitable accessible location in the vestibule or entrance way of the building for the frame. The HPD inspector who visits the premises will provide the inspection card. If the top portion of the card is not completed, the owner must fill in top portion of card. Section of the Law: MDL § 329




         2. Post name and location of person with keys to boiler room- An owner must post the name and location of the person with the key to the boiler room on notices approved by HPD. One notice should be posted conspicuously in the lobby and another should be posted on the entrance door of the boiler room. Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2033


   3. Carbon Monoxide Detecting Device Notice- Post a carbon monoxide detecting device requirement notice in a form approved by HPD in a common area. Section 12-12.1 of Chapter 12 of the Rules of the City of new York describes conditions under which a combined notice may be used. Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2046.1

nyc hpd carbon monoxide notice

    4- Smoke detector Notice-The owner of a Class A multiple dwelling is required to post a Smoke Detecting Devices Notice at or near mailboxes. Section of the Law: 28 RCNY § 12-01 The owner may instead choose to post a combined notice for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices and Gas Leak Procedures.


 nyc hpd smoke detector notice

  5.Combined sign notice-Owner may instead choose to post a combined notice for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices and Gas Leak Procedures. Currently this is the only signs that approved by hpd to be combined

 hpd nyc combined sign

  6.Gas leak notice-See the Post gas leak notice in the Required Signage section above. Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2005

 Gas leak notice hpd nyc

  7. Serial number signage-A sign containing the serial number assigned to the building by HPD should be posted in the building’s entrance hall. The sign should also include the building’s street address, and information about the superintendent, janitor, or housekeeper of the building. For full details of what is required for this sign, see §25-81 of Chapter 25 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of New York. Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2107


 8. Post -Owners of apartment buildings (three or more apartments) are required to post an Emergency Preparedness Notice on the inside of all apartment entrance doors and in the lobby or common area.

 **Non-combustible fireproof building sample notice

**Combustible non-fireproof building sample notice. For more information, go to FDNY’s Rules webpage. Tenants – if there is no notice on your apartment door, contact your building owner/manager or notify FDNY at FDNY.BusinessSupport@fdny.nyc.gov.


fire safety notice HPD NYC 


9.Post "Shut the Door" signs- Local Law 115 directed FDNY to require owners of multiple dwellings to post a notice in conspicuous locations indicating that those escaping a fire should close all doors behind them to limit smoke and contain the fire. The “Shut the Door” notice must be maintained by promptly replacing any missing or damaged postings.


10. Post janitor name/address-Post sign with the name of the janitor or housekeeper with their address, apartment number and telephone number at entrance of building.Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2053


11.Housing Information Guide notice- Post a Housing Information Guide for Tenants and Ownersabout the availability of a housing information guide, the ABCs of Housing, for tenants and owners in a conspicuous place within view of the area in the multiple dwelling to which mail is delivered. Section of the Law: NYC Administrative Code § 26-1103


12. Post or distribute Bedbug Annual Filing Receipt-Property owners are required to post the Bedbug Annual Filing Receipt in a prominent location or distribute to tenants upon commencement of a new lease or with each lease renewal. Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2005 (Local Law 47 of 2015)


13.HPD Fire Safety Plan -The following Fire Safety plan shall be posted in the entrance of the building and mail to tenant on annual basis.



14.Emergency Notification sign-Disaster Response Signage-Owners of residential dwellings where at least one unit is not occupied by the owner are required to post a Emergency Notification prior to the arrival of a weather emergency, after a natural disaster, and after being informed that a utility outage will last for more than 24 hours. We recommend to have this sign posted on regular basis to avoid violations


 15. Post NO SMOKING OR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE sign- Smoke-Free Air Act -Tenant/Landlord Fact sheet: Smoking or using electronic cigarettes is prohibited in common indoor areas of buildings with three or more residential units. Common indoor areas of residential buildings include: Hallways ,Stairwells,Lobbies,Laundry rooms,Basement ,Other work areas of the building used by tenants or by maintenance and building personnel


16 .Post floor sign-The owner must paint or post a sign indicating the floor number on each floor. Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2048



17. Post street number on dwelling-The owner must post and maintain a street number on the front of building. The street number must be visible from the sidewalk.Section of the Law: HMC § 27-204



18.Window guard notice- we recommend to post in lobby of the building the wiow guards notice to avoid violations. And for liability issue.




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