What is a truss sign ? We use to identify buildings that use a truss type construction. Most states , city and municipalities require the posting of truss signs do so for commercial and industrial buildings so first respond will know what type of building they are getting into

What is truss construction?Trusses are most commonly used in bridges, roofs and towers. A truss is made up of a web of triangles joined together to enable the even distribution of weight and the handling of changing tension and compression without bending or shearing

Where do I need truss signs?The location of where a truss sign should be posted should be detailed in your local fire code. You should consult with your local government before purchasing or installing truss signs to ensure that you are ordering the right signs and that they will be compliant with your local fire code.

Where do I install my truss signs ?In New Jersey and Florida, for example, truss signs need to be installed to the left of a building’s main entrance at a height between four and six feet. This differs in New York, where signs can be placed on doors, sidelights, or walls, depending on the sign’s location (e.g. exterior entrance doors, near fire department hose connections).

Why are there different types of truss signs?All truss signs are basically the same – they all alert fire fighters to the use of truss construction on premise. The designs and certain specifications can differ, though.Most state and municipal fire codes that specific the use of truss signs require a symbol to identify floor truss construction (“F”), roof truss construction (“R”), and both floor and roof construction (“FR”). Most fire codes also require truss signs to be reflective for greater visibility. Below is an arrangement of various truss signs from across the country.

What does the R Fire sign mean? This Fire Safety Sign is used to notify first respondents of danger of lightweight frame Roof truss type construction. "R" indicates roof only.


What is the R sign on buildings? Inside a red circle is a Roman numeral that designates what type of truss is in the building. Underneath the numeral is the letter R for "roof," F for "floor" or both, letting firefighters know where the truss is located.


Where are trusses used? Trusses are used in a broad range of buildings, mainly where there is a requirement for very long spans, such as in airport terminals, aircraft hangers, sports stadium roofs, auditoriums and other leisure buildings. Trusses are also used to carry heavy loads and are sometimes used as transfer structures

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