Bedbug Annual Filing Receipt (27-2005)


HPD NYC Bedbug Annual Filing Receipt (27-2005)

Property owners are required to post the Bedbug Annual Filing Receipt in a prominent location or distribute to tenants upon commencement of a new lease or with each lease renewal. The filing receipt notifies tenants of the bedbug infestation history of their building. In addition, the owner must either distribute or post a Stop Bed Bugs Safely brochure that provides information about the prevention, detection, and removal of bedbugs.

Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2005 (Local Law 47 of 2015)


Sec. [D26-10.01] 27-2005 Duties of owner

a. The owner of a multiple dwelling shall keep the premises in good repair.

b. The owner of a multiple dwelling, in addition to the duty imposed upon such owner by subdivision (a) of this section, shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of this code, except insofar as responsibility for compliance is imposed upon the tenant.

c. The owner of a one- or two-family dwelling shall keep the premises in good repair, and shall be responsible for compliance with the provisions of this code, except to the extent otherwise agreed between such owner and any tenant of such dwelling by lease or other contract in writing, or except insofar as responsibility for compliance with this code is imposed upon the tenant alone.


Bed Bugs Landlord’s Responsibility in New York State

The New York City Housing and Maintenance Code, Subchapter 2, Article 4, states that all New York tenants reserve the right to live in an environment free of bed bugs. This means that the landlord may not rent out a property with a current infestation.



Extermination and Rodent Eradication

[D26-13.01] 27-2017 Definitions

[D26-13.03] 27-2018 Rodent and Insect Eradication; Mandatory Extermination

[D26-13.05] 27-2019 Elimination of Harborages


Sec. [D26-13.01] 27-2017 Definitions

When used in this article:

(a) Eradication means the elimination of rodents or insects and other pests from any premises through the use of traps, poisons fumigation or any other method of extermination.

(b) Insects and other pests include the members of class insects, including houseflies, lice, bees, cockroaches, moths, silverfish, beetles, bedbugs, ants, termites, hornets, mosquitoes and wasps, and such members of the phylum arthropoda as spiders, mites, ticks, centipedes and wood lice.

(c) Harborage means any condition which provides shelter or protection for rodents or insects and other pests.


Sec. [D26-13.03] 27-2018 Rodent and insect eradication; mandatory extermination

a. The owner or occupant in control of a dwelling shall keep the premises free from rodents, and from infestations of insects and other pests, and from any condition conducive to rodent or insect and other pest life.

b. When any premises are subject to infestation by rodents or insects and other pests, the owner or occupant in control shall apply continuous eradication measures.

c. When the department makes the determination that any premises are infested by rodents, insects or other pests, it may order such eradication measures, as the department deems necessary.


Sec. [D26-13.05] 27-2019 Elimination of harborages

All building material, lumber, boxes, cartons, barrels containers, machinery, raw material, fabricated goods, junk, food, animal feed and any other substance which may afford harborage or provide food for such rodents or insects and other pests shall be kept stored or handled by the owner and tenants of every dwelling in such manner as the department may require. The department may make orders to eliminate rat harborages to the person who is responsible for the conditions. The department shall uncover and inspect periodically all structural harborages which cannot be eliminated from dwellings.



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