Serial number signage/property registration(27-2107)


HPD Serial number signage -property registration sign(27-2107)

A sign containing the serial number assigned to the building by HPD should be posted in the building’s entrance hall. The sign should also include the building’s street address, and information about the superintendent, janitor, or housekeeper of the building. For full details of what is required for this sign, see §25-81 of Chapter 25 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of New York.

Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2107


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The code

Sec. 27-2107 Failure to register; penalties

a. A person who is required to file a statement of registration or an amendment of a statement of registration or any other statement required under this article and who fails to file as required may, whenever appropriate, be punished under the provisions of article three of subchapter five of this code, and such person shall he subject to a civil penalty of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars and not more than five hundred dollars, recoverable by the department by civil action in a court of appropriate jurisdiction.

b. An owner who is required to file a statement of registration under this article and who fails to file as required shall be denied the right to recover possession of the premises for non-payment of rent during the period of non-compliance, and shall, in the discretion of the court, suffer a stay of proceedings to recover rents, during such period. In any action to recover possession under section 711 of the real property actions and proceedings law, the owner shall set forth his or her registration number issued by the department, and shall allege that he or she has filed a statement of registration and shall annex a copy of the receipt of such registration to his petition.


§ 25-81 Signs Identifying Owner, Managing Agent and Superintendent; Plans on Premises.

(a) (1) Identification signs for the purpose of identifying the owners and managing agents of multiple dwellings by the display of the serial number, shall comply with the applicable provisions of these rules.

   (2) Identification signs for the purpose of identifying the superintendents, janitors or housekeepers of multiple dwellings, wherein such employees are required by the provisions of § 83, Multiple Dwelling Law, shall comply with the applicable provisions of these rules.


  • Serial numbers, as specified in § 27-2104 shall be determined and assigned by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
  • Signs shall be located in the entrance hall at the main entrance to the building at the street floor. Signs shall be placed preferably over the mail boxes but, in any case, shall be conspicuously displayed in a prominent location in the entrance hall. Signs shall be located between 7 feet and 9 feet above the floor.
  • Sufficient lighting shall be provided so that the sign will be plainly legible at all times.
  • Signs that are defaced, damaged or removed, shall be promptly repaired or replaced. Signs shall be maintained in such manner as to be easily read at all times.




The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) requires all residential buildings in the city to display a serial number sign in a visible location at the entrance to the building. This requirement is outlined in the New York City Administrative Code Section 27-2107, which mandates that the serial number sign must be provided and installed by the building owner or landlord.


The serial number sign serves as a unique identifier for the building and is used by various city agencies to keep track of important information, such as ownership, occupancy, and violations. The sign must be made of durable and weather-resistant materials, such as metal.


According to HPD guidelines, the serial number sign must include the following information:


ü  The building's assigned serial number, which is provided by the HPD.

ü  The address of the building, including the street number and name.

ü  The name of superintendent and contact

The serial number sign must be installed in a visibl preferably near the main entrance or in a location that is easily visible from the street. The sign should be securely mounted to the building, using appropriate hardware and installation methods to ensure that it is not easily removed or damaged.


Failure to comply with the requirements of the HPD serial number sign can result in fines and penalties, as well as potential legal and financial liabilities. Therefore, it is important for building owners and landlords to ensure that their buildings are in compliance with the regulations set forth by the HPD and other city agencies.



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