Apartment door peepholes law nyc Section 27-2041

1027.3.1 Door hardware. Door hardware and other devices and physical components of the means of egress shall be maintained in good working order at all times.


Section 27-2041


§ 27-2041 Peepholes. In every dwelling the owner shall provide and maintain a peephole in the entrance door of each dwelling unit. Such peephole shall be located, as prescribed by the department, in such a place that the person in each dwelling unit may view from the inside any person immediately outside the entrance door. However, such peephole need not be installed in any tenant-occupied one- or two-family home where it is possible to see from the inside any person immediately outside the entrance door. This section shall not apply to hotels, apartment hotels, college or school dormitories, or owner-occupied dwelling units in one- and two-family homes.


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