AREAS OF REFUGE signs- The sign design to inform guest the location of the area of refuge. An Area of Refuge is a location in a building designed to hold occupants during a fire or other emergency when evacuation may not be safe or possible. These designated locations provide protection and safety until assistance or rescue is available. Our area of refuge signs designated to notify guest and staff -An area of refuge is a location in a building designed to hold occupants during a fire or other emergency, when evacuation may not be safe or possible. Occupants can wait there until rescued or relieved by firefighters.

Where is an area of refuge sign required? When is an area of refuge required? According to the International Building Code (IBC) Section 1007.3 Stairways, Areas of Refuge are required if the building does not meet the exceptions, one of which is being equipped with automatic sprinkler system

What is an area of rescue? An "Area of Rescue Assistance" is defined as "an area, which has direct access to an exit, where people who are unable to use the stairs may remain temporarily in safety to wait further instructions or assistance during emergency evacuation."

What’s an Area of Refuge?

An area of refuge is a designated location within a building specially designed to hold people safely during an emergency. In other words, an area of refuge is set aside for situations when evacuation may not be possible or is otherwise unsafe. For example, patients in a hospital may not be able to use a stairwell to exit the building because there is a fire. People can wait in the area of refuge safely until rescued by firefighters or emergency rescue teams. This area may also have the name “area of rescue assistance.”


Who uSE these spaces?

  • Elderly people
  • People with disabilities
  • Hospital patients
  • Sick people
  • Very young children or infants
  • Operators in a critical facility who cannot leave their station (military base, power  station, prison)
  • Any person who cannot access an escape route
  • Any person assisting another person who is unable to escape
  • People on the upper floors of a building who cannot safely take stairs through lower levels where a fire is present


What are the Requirements for An Area of Refuge

  • Location adjacent to an emergency exit path
  • Signs designating where to go for shelter
  • A fire barrier for protection
  • Fresh air intake
  • Emergency lighting for power outages
  • A two-way voice communication system
  • Large enough for wheelchair accessibility
  • Located where it doesn’t block others trying to escape
  • In public buildings, it must exist on every floor above ground level


What is the Communication systems needed for An Area of Refuge

  • A two-way voice communication system
  • Call button for those awaiting rescue in an area of refuge
  • A confidence light to indicate an active call button
  • An acknowledgment light to show that someone at the central control point knows about the call for help

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