1 PCS - Apartment Number Sign/Mailbox Number Sign, Door Number Sign. Letter E (Silver,3D, Size 2.75 x 1.75, Comes with Double Sided Tape)- The Maple line

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  • Apartment Number /Mailbox Number , Door Number . Letter E - The Maple line
  • Apartment Number Sign Letter E
  • Apartment Number Letter E
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one (1) Unit of Apartment Door number can be use as mail box number , house number,Number Plaque, hotel number and more. Material: Light Weight Plastic( so will not fall-not heavy on the 3m sticker) Size:2-3/4 inch height and 1/4 inch thickness Color: Silver Look: 3D,easy to read and recognize. Picture worth a thousand words....see our real images and professional drawing !! Notice: Color of the Number Plaque can be look different base on the lighting around it ( Darker or lighter base on light surrounding it)"


Our apartment number signs are designed to inform guests and first respondents of the location of specific apartments in the building at hand. Many states, cities and municipalities require owners to install apartment number signs to ease the reach of the correct apartment in case of  emergency.
Frequently asked questions:
What is an apartment unit number? The combination of unique identifying numerals for a specific apartment; APT is short-hand for "apartment". If a property has 5 unit buildings, each of them labeled with a letter A,B,C,D,E, then there are 5 units in the building. Sometimes in multi unit buildings each floor represent the 1st number while the letter represents the apartment. For example, Apartment 1A, 1B,1C,D on 1st floor and 2A,2B,2C,2D on second floor etc…


What is the difference between apartment and unit? A unit is any dwelling, which is used as living quarters, whereas an apartment is a specific type of a unit. An apartment, also know as a flat or a condo, is a self-contained housing unit, a type of residential real estate, that occupies only a part of the building at hand. The building itself can have one or more apartments per floor.


Apartment Number signs are required. These apt. signs help distinguish the flats, apts. and suites of your building and make it easier for people to find its different accommodations. NYC DOB and NYC Fire Department require building owners to use suite signs and apt signs to indicate suite numbers and apartment numbers.


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